The Choice Is Yours

Black Sheep Choice Is Yours

I don’t know what I’m doing here. I mean, I have an idea, but if we really drill down into it, I’m not really sure what I want this site to be.

I’ve been blogging since the mid-90s, although at the time, I didn’t really know that’s what I was doing. More on that later.

I’ve built numerous sites over the years, started various blogs for my own use, wrote for other sites, and owned too many domain names to count (this is actually my second time owning oddly enough. I’m not sure who owned it in between those times, but at one point, someone else owned it – and it wasn’t the surfer Matt Stigliano who oddly, seems to have disappeared from the internet).

I knew I wanted to start a new site that I could dump my random thoughts onto, but at first I tried to make it a bit more niche. I started one specifically about real estate. I tried one about blogging and SEO. I toyed with AI and wrote about it at the same time.

In the past I had tried out a few others too: stories from my rock ‘n roll past, random thoughts, a record label website, several band websites, a collection of weird things I’ve seen in the MLS, and several I’ve long since forgotten.

None of them ever really stuck though. Why? Because I was trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Or more precisely I was trying to jam a huge peg into a small hole.

I had pigeonholed myself by trying to niche down into something that was so specific that I got bored writing about it.

The Choice Is Yours – So Make A Choice

The earliest genesis of this site was much more focused on blogging and SEO. I figured they were things I knew about, so it made sense. But even then, I felt a little trapped. I have tons of stories from my travels, a lot of opinions about real estate, and in general, I’m really good at rambling about any given topic.

So why choose just one? If the choice truly is mine, then why should I listen to all the gurus and so-called experts that tell me I have to narrow it all down. Fact is, some of the more narrow focused sites I had did terribly in search engines so it seemed like there really wasn’t any great effect from trying to cram my thoughts into one niche.

And the reason for that poor showing in Google is simple. The sites weren’t very interesting. Because I wasn’t terribly interested in writing them.

So let’s change that. Let’s tackle whatever the hell we want (oh, I better warn you, there might be some cursing on here occasionally) and enjoy having a website instead of feeling like it’s some sort of high school homework project from a class I didn’t want to take.

If you’re game, I’m game. We can have some fun and I’ll have a nice little repository for everything instead of spreading it across 10,000,000 other small sites.

To hell with your niche – no one thinks or acts like that – and if they do, they’re probably agonizingly dull.

Choice made. Let’s go!

I was going to link to Black Sheep’s The Choice Is Yours (and my former band’s cover of it), but instead, I found this documentary of the same name about David Berkowitz. (Affiliate links – I earn a small commission from your purchases.)